The Gluten Bigot: I Made Chicken Fried Rice!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I Made Chicken Fried Rice!

I know, this is not a major accomplishment. I am actually very comfortable cooking asian dishes and have made many which are far more complex than fried rice, but I had never made fried rice before. So when I did last week, I felt victorious even though what I did was so disgustingly easy.

Step One: Rice
Cook rice. In whatever works for you: stove top, rice cooker, etc. As long as said rice is cooked.

Step Two: Meat
While rice cooks, cook chicken. Cut it up really tiny (think pea-sized). If you hate chicken use pork or beef or tofu. Cook in wok or frying pan with a bit of oil and garlic. I did not have garlic (gasp!) so garlic olive oil did the trick. Prepare any other vegetables you'd like to add. I put in carrots as it was all I had without a trip to the grocery store. Peas would be ideal/traditional as well. Cook those in the frying pan too.

Step Three: Put it all together
Put the cooked rice into the chicken and vegetable pan/wok. Put in soy sauce to your liking (2 tbsp is what works for me). I added some spinach because I did not have peas and felt it needed something green. Add an egg if you like. Fry while constantly stirring for a few minutes. Once done, serve immediately.

It's great beside: a Feel Good Foods spring roll and/or gyoza <- I had mine with this combo. Stir fry of you liking. By itself for good old leftover lunch. Sweet and sour chicken.

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