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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stokke Scoot Review | 1 Year In

My favoite guys on our
trip to Washington

Last year I wrote about our search for the perfect stroller for us and our city lifestyle. If you read the original post, you may remember that we ended up purchasing the Stokke Scoot. I will note there is a newer Scoot out, while they did make some changes, it's not a completely different thing.

I will lead with things I love about this stroller. First, it maneuvers really well on flat surfaces and pavement. So many stores we go into are really tiny and this stroller fits in them. Another thing I still love about the stroller is the look of it; it is sleek. The under storage is something I have ended up using much more than I anticipated, especially come home after work with groceries, my two bags and his lunch bag - I get 2 big bags under at least. I'm also very fond of the handle bar. It's stupid simple to adjust and goes up quite high - so even in my big girl heels it's at a comfortable level and I'm above average height. We've traveled with it on a few occasions and that's gone well. It's a bit annoying in airport security if you use a carseat (we did when he was really little - Mico Maxi Cosi), but there's no avoiding that if you buy outside the stoller OEM. Most importantly though, Bricklet seems to be comfortable in the stroller - it's not a totally bumpless ride but he seems to like it and it's not too harsh, even on cracked sidewalks in Hell's.

In addition to the actual stroller, we purchased the infant softbag and footmuff. The softbag we didn't get a ton of use from. When he was a baby baby it was way too big, enough though he was a big baby. The footmuff has been awesome, and along with his parka coat, has kept him toasty through this crazy cold winter - for real, sometimes he's like sweating when we take him out.

Now, the things I don't fancy so much. Adjust from sitting up and reclining or vice versa is annoying and you do have to stop walking to do it. Also, the recline is not completely flat, so we didn't use this until he was +3months. This stroller is not meant for snow or offroad - and it has been a snowy year in NYC! I've at least gotten a good workout shoving the stroller home a couple of times this year. 

What's annoyed me most is the durability of the hood. A piece popped out and while my husband managed to fix it once it popped right back out. Then I tried to fix it again and it got worse. SUPER annoying. Also, the canopy doesn't come down very far - in summer months I was lusting after the UppaBaby's extended UV canopy, especially since Bricklet was too young for sunscreen.

Which brings me to the million dollar question: Would I repurchase? In general yes. I'm very happy with the stroller purchase, it's certainly served us well. 

However, if I were to rewind time and tell myself I would end up in an apartment with 200 sqft more than I anticipated and that had an elevator I may have gone for to the Stokke Crusi or Uppababy Vista for scalability and the carrycot/bassinet seat I really love. It sounds like such a strange thing, but the fact we didn't have that makes me sad in retrospect; first because I feel like it's so proper and was something that went with the vision in my head, but mostly because we spent up to 3 hours a day walking when I was on maternity leave since Warren consistently slept, and slept well, when we were walking. I think it would have been nice for him.

Have you gotten the Scoot? Are you trying to decide? Let me know if you have one and if you liked it, or if you're thinking about one and have any questions!


  1. Hello,

    Greetings from Malaysia! I stumbled upon your blog while researching on Stokke's Scoot and its great to hear from a real user than just "reviewers".

    I am actually thinking of Stokke's Scoot and Silver Cross' Wayfarer as it comes with pretty much everything compared to Scoot.

    Anyway, do you have any comments on Scoot's wheels? And do you think its ok for my newborn to be in Scoot now that they have an additional recline position?

    Thanks in advance!


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