The Gluten Bigot: About


My name is Jennifer, and this is my blog. I have been a strict gluten free diet since 2009 and have learned to navigate the ins and outs of it, and have discovered that being gluten free isn’t a sentence to eat terrible food for the rest of your life!

In 2014 my life changed permanently for the better - I became a mom to my awesome little dude who I refer to as Bricklet on this blog. He is crazy adorable and fun. Once he arrived a good chunk of the time I invested into food was reinvested into being a mom, so it feels natural to change the scope of what I write about to account for this portion of my life, especially since these are two things are persistent.
There is more to me than my food and my family though!  I love technology, fashion, beauty, working out, and especially travel (and anytime I can combine the first two with any of those things - win!). I have been to six continents, and have lived in Canada, Ireland, and the US. I currently reside in Manhattan with my husband and Bricklet, who is now a year old!

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