The Gluten Bigot: The Gluten Free Glamour at Beauty & Essex

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Gluten Free Glamour at Beauty & Essex

One of the lame things about being celiac or gluten intolerant is that you don't always get to go to the cool places. I mean, I know a lot of great places to eat in Manhattan, but they aren't always the hottest restaurant. I had my on Beauty & Essex for a while, and booked a table immediately after I found out they have a gluten free menu. Julie at Goodie Goodie Gluten Free has photos of the menu on her post.

You will certainly want to book a table long before you go, and you certainly want to dress stylishly to avoid feeling like an outside, but once there you will feel so glam in Beauty & Essex - it just has that kind of vibe. 

After waiting 20 minutes past our booking time (my only complaint) we were seated. We had a cocktail while waiting and another one later one. Our server was fantastic and really knowledgeable about gluten free. My husband and I decided to order the avocado and watermelon salad and salt and vinegar fries to share, and we each had a filet mignon for our main. All were fantastic. I will be duping the salad at home, fries we amazing, meat was very nice, and the sauces were all delicious. 

To finish, and purely as a food blogger, I had to have dessert. Stuffed from dinner my husband and I decided to split the Black Bottomed Butterscotch Pot de Crème which was gluten free. It was ridiculous. I wanted it to never end and would go back for that alone.

So, if you are in Manhattan and looking for a posh place to enjoy, highly recommend.

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