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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gluten Free Product Review | Feel Good Foods

Interesting fact about me: I am a massive fan of all asian cuisine. Unfortunately so much of it contains gluten (even if only a result of the soy sauce), so I rarely get to enjoy my favorites. One of my absolute favorites was gyoza/pot stickers. I could eat copious quantities of these, so I was pretty depressed when I went GF that I no longer got to.

That is until I discovered Feel Good Foods. I first found them in G-Free NYC, and now purchase at Westerly Natural Food Market. I have purchased only two of their products, but I have purchased them repeatedly. 

First, the pork dumplings. These are the same as gyoza/pot stickers. They are very easy to make, fool proof really, and taste spot on the their gluten containing brethren.  If you loved gyoza previously you must give these a go. These are a great side dish for a nice stir fry.

Second, the vegetable egg rolls. To preface this, back in m gluten days I absolutely despised the oven ready variety you could buy in store and basically would never eat them. However, these once are actually quite nice and don't have that over processed taste you can find with the pre-made variety. Very exciting. I like to cook these as a side to an asian inspired meal, I've also made them when ordering in GF Chinese where egg rolls were not an option from the restaurant. 

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