The Gluten Bigot: Can I Be Glutened From Kissing?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Can I Be Glutened From Kissing?

I can remember way back before my husband and I were married, and in fact when we were living in different cities/timezones/countries, and he was visiting me. We went out for a drink, I had some sort of cocktail and he a beer. As the evening got on I realized I had been glutened - but how!? I hadn't eaten anything, had a drink I always drank, so what was up?

Oh snap - it was the kissing!

Another one of the fun things to add to the life of a gluten intolerant/celiac - if your partner is not gluten free, what they have had to eat and drink will have to be a concern. I am a lucky girl, my husband is gluten free around me 99% of the time. I also joke if he has had gluten out he will need to 'wash his mouth out' - a good teeth brushing / mouthwash / rinsing to make sure his mouth is no longer contaminated. 

If your partner gluten free? If not, do you kiss them after gluten or is there a gluten-no-kissy rule?

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