The Gluten Bigot: Comfort Food For When Hayfever Kicks Your Butt

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Comfort Food For When Hayfever Kicks Your Butt

Beautiful tree/allergy maker
Apparently pollen counts have been quite high for New York. I was informed this while a completely runny-nose-sore-throat-puffy-face conversations. Happy to know it is just my raging hayfever for which even Aerius seems to be nothing against this year. 

As a rule, I do not miss work. I have colleagues and clients who expect me to be there, so I always will be unless I am actually unable to get out of bed (in which case I will likely work from home and still meet all commitments). Last week, I was feeling really rough with allergies, and decided to make the trek into office anyway. I was ache-y and cranky, and it was a bit rainy so I wanted something really comforting. And then I remembered - Hale & Hearty in Grand Central (my office is across the street). 

I loved that they posted their menu online, including clearly marking gluten free options, and I was able to arrive already knowing what I wanted and not having to interrogate anyone. This was actually my first trip to Hale and Hearty (despite there being one across from work and one near my flat), and the service was really good - I was in the sandwich queue (there was two queue - whaaaa!?) and a staff member brought me to the right side when taking pre-orders and just took my order so I didn't have to re-queue (soooo nice, especially since standing up was quite a chore with the way I was feeling). I had the smoked turkey corn chowder, and it was seriously amazing. I can't believe I'd never ventured over for it previously - and certainly will again!

So if in Manhattan, and you are feeling a soup day - I highly suggest! 

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