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Friday, April 12, 2013

Gluten Free McLean,VA

I just came back from a work trip to McLean, Virginia. Whenever I go away and am not staying in a city center I usually have to bring a long a whole bunch of food, especially for work trips like this one. However, McLean (and the surrounding area) surprised me as there were so many gluten free options.

There for a total of two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners (three, but I didn't bother eating anything the first night as I was working). Breakfast when travelling for work is typically Starbucks. They have coffee and some gluten free choices. This trip I enjoyed my morning lattes with a Kind bar and dried apple rings. 

For my first lunch I went to a cute restaurant called Cafe Deluxe that had a dedicated gluten free menu. I just ordered the bun-less burger; typically I dislike a burger without a bun but was drawn to it since it had avocado. This though, was really good and the side salad was nice and perfectly dressed. Plus the services was really good. Very happy I gave this place a try.

From there I ended up in chain restaurants, which I avoid in NYC but appreciate the easiness of them when travelling. 

For dinner, I had Naked Pizza which I have actually had in Manhattan. They offer a 12" gluten free crust, and you choose your toppings. I had a spinach and pepperoni. Although it was good, it was a bit greasy, and I had it as a takeaway so but the time I got to my hotel it wasn't as hot and some of the crust had gone a bit soggy. Also, 12" is insane for one person and I only ate 2 pieces, so I prefer going here with my hubby so I have someone to share with / am less wasteful. 

Lunch the next day was at PF Chang's, which I forgot to photograph. I had the GF lettuce wraps. I love that PF Chang's has the GF menu on their regular menu (yay no asking and waiting for your special menu), and designated plating for GF so you can be confident your food is safe.

My final meal was at Dulles Airport, and I had tacos at Chipotle. The real reason behind my motivation to dine here was probably the Patron Margarita as I had a very long week. The tacos were alright. I do like the quality of their ingredients and they have a clear list for allergens. The margarita was worth having the tacos for anyway.

What are your feelings on chain restaurants  Do you love them or do you avoid them?


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