The Gluten Bigot: The Trick To Gluten Free Baking

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Trick To Gluten Free Baking

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Lately I have been looking to branch out a bit and try to adapt gluten-containing recipes into gluten free ones. There are so many fantastic gluten free recipes out there that sometimes it feels like trying to recreate the wheel, but I also think it will help me have a better understanding of gluten free baking and will hopefully lead to some fun discoveries.

Starting off this venture, I found two posts which I think are so great I just had to share them with you:
  • High Protein Gluten Free Flour on the Gluten Free Recipe Box. I came across this looking for high protein gf flours to use to adapt a pizza crust recipe. It was promptly bookmarked in my browser and I have already gone back a few times.
  • How to Make Gluten Free All Purpose Mix on Gluten Free Girl is a great post on composition and types (starches vs whole grains). Also bookmarked.
I definitely recommend checking out these resources if you are looking to get creative with your gluten free baking ingredients.

Do you have a favorite flour mix? Or any tips on modifying recipes?

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