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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My New Favorite Cookie | Pure!

My excitement over the package shown left, is not describable. Although I don't even recall the exact reason why this type of cookie brings up such fond sentiment for me. All I know is I saw this bag of cookies, and after saying no to several sweets they went immediately into my shopping basket.

The cookies are by the brand Pure! which I don't think I had tried before (unless may biscotti once a very long time ago). Any shred of self restraint was gone when I saw the orders Walnut Strawberry and limited addition. 

I had to have one basically as I had put my groceries away. And was I ever glad that I got them. The text is very nice - a bit crumbly, and one did completely betray me and fall apart while I was eating it. A lot of gluten free cookies are very dry and I did not find these to be so. And the actual taste was quite divine in and of itself. My favorite part is easily the jelly in the middle of the cookie. My only complaint is I now have a daily exercise of willpower to not indulge in more than one. Oh, and they were quite dear, I believe they were around $8 for the package.

Do you have a favorite or sentimental cookie? 

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