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Friday, February 8, 2013

Gluten Free Rant | Don't Feel Sorry For Me

I have a rant I'm sure all gluten bigots can relate to - why do people feel bad for you for being on a gluten free diet? 

In fairness, becoming gluten free is not easy. Navigating the world isn't as easy once you're gluten free. You have to plan, you need to have backups, your product selection is smaller jammed with fat and sugar to correct bad flavor (just make your own food). But once you're there, you're there. 

Since making the adjustment to a 100% gluten free diet some years ago, and getting used to it, I haven't felt bad for myself at all. I feel bad for myself the first 25 years of my life being constantly sick and not feeling well, if I get glutened now I am reminded of how terrible I felt all the time. These days, I feel great (especially when I cut the processed crap out of my diet). I feel so good that no matter how good I know that croissant or bagel would be I really don't care that I can't have it. Because I have something much better - my health. 

There is no reason to feel bad for someone who has chosen to do something for their health, whether it was their choice or not. I mean, the sentiment is nice, but don't worry - we're good.


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