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Friday, July 5, 2013

Gluten Free Beauty | Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel

An aside from all my talk about food. A while ago I posted about gluten free makeup and a post about affordable (and fun) gluten free lipsticks. Since beauty is my other hobby, I'd love to write about it more on my blog - so here we go!

It certainly doesn't hurt that I felt inspired.

So if you did read my post about gluten free makeup, you may have gotten that I stick to gluten free for anything I may accidentally ingest (or at least I try to). Thankfully nail biting is not a habit I picked up, probably a result of my germophobia, so gluten free nail varnish is not an ultimate concern for me, though most of my collection is gluten free. 

The result! Color is Casting Call,
note Sephora by OPI is on reduction!
But for you gluten intolerant and celiac non-nail biters / varnish addicts like myself, I have a suggestion for you: Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel. Gel top coats are all the rage (Nails Inc, Dioer and Julep also have them in Sephora). I tried them all in shop the other night and decided I liked the application of the Guerlain and the finish. Certainly an investment bottle, but the way I saw it I don't always use top coat, I've had the last bottle (OPI) for almost two years and there is still a couple of applications in there. I have emailed Guerlain to inquire the gluten free status, as I know their normal varnishes are gluten free, however I have not received a reply, so note I haven't get confirmed it's GF status, and if you are a nail biter I may not recommend it for you (I will update once I receive a reply).

*Update: I received a reply from Guerlain and it is gluten free - so safe for celiac nail biters too!*

Well worth the investment though! It goes on beautifully. It dries quickly, which I was somewhat surprised by as you essentially pack it onto your email. In terms of durability I would rate it an 8 out of 10. I am fairly tough on my nails, as well they are weak/bendable so chips usually occur within 2 days, this polish lasted 4 before it chipped at the gym. When it did chip though it was big chips. Removal was also easy with 100% acetone, which again was suprising just based on the amount of product I applied. 

We certainly have a winner with this one, and I easily consider this a must have!

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