The Gluten Bigot: Mouthing Off - Inexpensive Gluten Free Lipstick

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mouthing Off - Inexpensive Gluten Free Lipstick

One of the easiest ways to jazz up your look to transition from day to night is to throw on
Wearing NYC New York Color's Blue Rose
a lip look. During the week it livens up subdued work appropriate makeup and at the weekend you have free reign to play.

A few weeks ago I wrote about gluten free makeup, and lipstick is one of the items you should make sure is gluten free if you are gluten intolerant, sensitive, or celiac. 

While I do tend toward buying makeup almost exclusively in Sephora, I do like to pick up certain lipsticks from the drugstore. Things like really trendy colors which I know I won't wear beyond the season, or close dupes I can leave in my handbag. Even just tubes I don't mind losing as I have a very bad tendency to lose lipstick (much less annoying when it was $2 as compared to $30). So I was really excited when researching two really inexpensive brands and discovering both are gluten free!

Lip products from both Wet N'Wild and NYC New York Color are gluten free. There is one exception for NYC: do not buy their Liquid Lip Shine, it has wheat germ oil and is not gluten free. I have swatched each of these (photo below). You certainly get what you pay for - I find they don't stay long, but for the price and purpose I will certainly repurchase.

Top four are Wet N'Wild. Bottom Two are NYC New York Color.
As a point of extra excitement, Wet N'Wild have a line of matte lipstick, which is all the rage right now. Three of the tubes I purchased were the matte one (Don't Blink Pink, Dollhouse Pink and Just Peachy), I would recommend applying these ones with a lip brush as I find applying from the bullet to be a bit messy/imprecise for these ones. Blue Rose by NYC is probably my favorite color right now, it's flattering with and without a tan (or fake tan in my case) and provides a nice color pop. 

Have you worn any of these brands? Are you going to try them?


  1. Thank you, very helpful!

  2. Thank you! I was looking, because I'm new to gluten-free and I like Blush Forever by NYC. This is very helpful!

    1. I have been gluten free for over eight years and I'm still learning. If you need to talk to someone or need advice I would be happy to help!


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