The Gluten Bigot: The Fanciest Indian Food I've Ever Had

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fanciest Indian Food I've Ever Had

I don't know if any of you have noticed this before, but I am very fond of Indian food. Very fond. And my favoritest places to have Indian is in an authentic hole in the wall. My husband however, is not fond of Indian food. Very not fond, with the exception of dosas and kati rolls. So I was excited when he suggested taking me to a Michelin star Indian restuarant in TriBeCa, Tamarind.

It's a nice upscale place. The restaurant had lots of lovely touches, my favorite being their logo stamped into the charger plates and the light fixtures.

They were also very accomodating with my dietary restrictions. In addition to not eating gluten, I also do not eat seafood or any 'cute' animal (no lamb).

To start my husband and I shared the murg malai kabab (chicken kebab - pictured top) and Tofah E Zameen (Paneer/cheese based dish - pictured right). Both were amazing. I'm actually craving the paneer now sitting here writing about it. The cardamom really made the dish. 

For my main I decided to go with a classic, something I could benchmark against - Chicken Tikka Masala. I've eaten chicken tikka masala more times than I could count, and is an easy go to for me. It was the best I've had. The spicing was at the perfect level, and chicken was cooked perfectly and obviously of good quality. 

It was definitely more than most Indian restaurants,  but the excellent dining experience with exceptional service make it worth the splurge. I'm excited to go back!

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