The Gluten Bigot: A New GF Addition to Hell's Kitchen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A New GF Addition to Hell's Kitchen

Not far from where I live is a little gastropub called Brickyard. My original interest was strangely because my surname is Brick. They happen to have good happy hour specials early and late even which has brought me in a few times - however what brought me most recently was their new gluten free menu.

Specifically, I wanted to try their gluten free build your own burger. I had mine with guyere, caramelized onion and chipotle BBQ sauce. 

When it arrive I was super excited as the bun looked amazing. The sauce came on the side which always makes me happy since I can control how much goes on (and I realize the irony of this when eating a hamburger). The actual burger was really good, very thick and tasty! The bun was mediocre, it was a little bit dry. Our server asked after how it was and told us that the menu and burger were still new and actually solicited any feedback, and my husband and I agree if they heat the bun a bit more it would be much nicer.

They also have Omission if you are looking to have a gluten free beer with your burger. Certainly a great place to stop in if you are in the neighborhood!

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