The Gluten Bigot: Is Burn Cream Gluten Free? and Other Kitchen Misadventures

Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Burn Cream Gluten Free? and Other Kitchen Misadventures

Yesterday I had one of those 'I'm going to be super productive' days. I started by edited and sharing some family photos from an unexpected trip home, a lovely brunch with my husband, and then it was my planned blog time. I made something delicious, then started on diner with big plans of writing this week's posts after dinner. Everything was done and being pulled out of the oven, when, idiot me, decides to flip in the handle of the grill pan I had just removed from the 375F oven. Ouch!

I did a good enough job I went to buy burn cream. I had no idea if said cream is gluten free but I did dump it all over my hand immediately.

This is something that happens at least once a month by the way - cookie sheets are my most typical. 

I don't just burn myself in the kitchen. I have started small kitchen fires in the past. The most notable was probably setting my recipe sheet on fire in ninth grade. As I extinguished those flames the grilled cheese sandwich I had been tasked with making also burned (although the cheese was not even a little bit melted - my technique has improved since then).

I also have a propensity for cutting myself. Once I dropped a big kitchen knife on my foot - it landed pointy side down.

Basically what I am saying is, despite the fact that I now food blog for fun, I can be a complete wreck in the kitchen. Please tell me I am not alone.

PS this post was typed with one hand as my burned hand is holding ice trying not to hurt,

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