The Gluten Bigot: Cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. Cupcake! Part III

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. Cupcake! Part III

This was actually stop two on the quest to determine who sells the best gluten free cupcake in Lower Manhattan was Tulu's. Tulu's has cupcakes, bread, cookies, and other baked treats.

Everything in the case at Tulu's looks three things: professional, beautiful, and delicious! We have been here many times prior, but of course in the name of science we needed to have a cupcake that day for immediate comparison. We had the cupcake of the day, a lemon butter cream with a raspberry on top on vanilla cake, and it was delightful. Tulu's makes amazing icing and the cake itself is quite lovely. I also picked up a half loaf of bread as they sell it fresh and I hadn't tried it before. I enjoyed that subsequently.

Their flavor of the day cupcakes always get me, but I will not their red velvet and the vanilla cake with chocolate icing are my two 'reliable' there. 

Husband rating: 9/10
My rating: 9.5/10 - and for me the winner.

Do you know of any bakeries in Manhattan? Where should I go as I expand my journey to find the best cupcake?

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