The Gluten Bigot: My Husband Cooks - Gluten Free Poutine

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Husband Cooks - Gluten Free Poutine

Last week I had one of those little meltdowns. The kind where you have too many things you need to accomplish so all those life things you have to do, like cooking food, really start to get to you. In mine and my husband's history, I have been the one to cook. I met my husband because we lived in the same building, and he quickly became my best friend. I moved shortly thereafter, and to continue hanging out everyday as we did he came over after work everyday for dinner (he worked a few blocks away), which I made. 

Now years later, and married, I know he is not a cook. But in my state of exhaustion last week, I declared I needed help. He said he would cook the next day. And I was very excited  the next day when walking home I rang him to see what we were doing for dinner because we had discussed going out, that he was making dinner. This is the third time since I have known him that he has actually prepared dinner.

And when I got home it all made sense. His lovely sister had shipped some gluten free poutine sauce she found, and we had bought cheese curds. My man was making poutine! He was nice enough to photograph it for my blog as well. I cannot tell you about the method, but the poutine sauce (and poutine) were really good. If you live in Canada, you may be able to find this (my in-laws live in Quebec). 

The most difficult thing to find next was the curd cheese. However, my husband discovered Saxelby Cheesemonger sells curd cheese from upstate. The curd wasn't as fresh by the time we ate it, but it certainly was adequate.

I just wanted to finish up with a shout out to my awesome husband. He made me not only one of his favorite things, but one of mine, and gave me a lovely evening after a very long day.

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