The Gluten Bigot: Cupcake vs. Cupcake vs Cupcake - Part II

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cupcake vs. Cupcake vs Cupcake - Part II

Ah, Babycakes. Now a multi-city bakery with a cookbook out, this is one I have been to many times but strangely I had never tried their cupcakes. I did already know their donuts to be incredible though. 

Babycakes has a win on variety, there just seemed to be lots of interesting choices. Instead of having standard options, they have more decadent and random options - my husband and I opted to have two cupcakes instead of splitting one here because we wanted to try both the Black Forest and the Banana Chocolate. And can I just give Babycakes props on those two flavors off the bat? Just typing them my mouth is watering.

The cupcakes here also look very homemade and have that special feeling, like when a friend gives you a cupcake. And the cupcakes themselves were very good. Icing was good. The cake was moist and the texture was good. My main complaint is the cake is quite tall (high?) so I had a had time biting into it. I did not look refined at all eating these bad boys, but the were delish. 

Husband rating: 8/10
My rating: 8.5/10

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