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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Battle of the Breads - Food For All

Next on our battle of the breads roaster is Food For Life. I had actually never had this brand. 

Very neutral. There is not unpleasant about this bread, but there is nothing amazing about it. It tastes alright. 

I was really wary about this one. The loaf is very heavy in weight, and when I pulled out my slices I saw the bread itself was very dense. Based on this I thought it was going to be bad. However, when you bite into it the texture is a bit crumbly - however when you chewy this becomes quite doughy. 

Despite the crumbly texture when bitten into, the bread was quite sturdy. 

Normal vs. Toasted
I have only had it untoasted, and overall I would eat it untoasted again. That said, I do think it would be nicer toasted. 

There was nothing else of particular note here. This loaf was more expensive than my Rudi and Udi's loaves. I think this bread would make fantastic bread crumbs and croutons (I fully intend to make the latter). 

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