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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Battle of the Breads - Rudi's Gluten Free

 I first tried Rudi's gluten free bread after moving to New York. Do be mindful when buying Rudi's as they make organic gluten containing bread, as well as gluten free. While they do share a production facility with their gluten containing products, according to their website they have separate equipment and test at less than 10ppm of gluten (below 20ppm is what is required for a product to be labelled gluten free if I understand correctly). 

I find that gluten free breads can taste flour-y. This not true with Rudi's. In the past I've had their white sandwich bread and multigrain. 

While is it still gluten free bread, I find Rudi's to have the lightest texture. Enjoying it from frozen, I cannot say I would appropriately apply the label 'fluffy' to it as it is still heavier than gluten bread, but it is almost there - from what I remember, it is the same as actual bread.

Very durable. This bread even holds up well dipped into soups where most other gluten free breads fail. 

Normal vs. Toasted
I actually really like this one untoasted, the taste on its own is quite sweet. Toasted is fab as well.

I wish I could buy this non-frozen, but alas it is freezer section only. And I find Rudi's bread slices particularly difficult to separate from each other when frozen. Their website does say it can be left out for 4 days before it starts to dry, which is much better than some products which I count as stale after one day on the counter as opposed to freezer. Also, this looks like real bread. Some gluten free bread is notably smaller than its gluten-containing sibling, Rudi's is normal sized and normal looking. A stranger in the street would never know you were eating a GF sandwich.

Have you tried Rudi's? Have you left it on the counter or in the pantry for a few days? How did it hold up?

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