The Gluten Bigot: An Easy Midweek Meal

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Easy Midweek Meal

After a long day at work or at school, the last thing most people want to be is couped up in the kitchen slaving over a meal. That why I love 'make it once eat it lots' meals. On one of those I don't want to cook days, I decided to make some sweet potato gnocchi

To switch up how I had served it last, I decided to make a simple browned butter sauce. To make that, all I did was melt 1/4 cup of butter over a low heat until it browned - just make sure and mind it so it does not burn. I prepared this why the gnocchi cooked. 

Since there was no meat in the sauce, I decided to serve some gluten free dry Italian salami on the side. I just rolled it up and stuck a toothpick through it to make the presentation a bit nicer. I also served a spinach salad with extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. 

I was a fan of the meal, it seemed like something that would be much more work than it actually was after a long day. 

Do you have a go to meal for work/school days? What's something you make that seems fancy but is really simple?

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