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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gluten Free Manhattan | Zengo

My personal mission since moving to Manhattan was to dine at each restaurant that has a gluten free menu. I have definitely done decently with this goal, however there are definitely a few on my list, and until last week, Zengo was one of them. Zengo offers Latin-Asian fusion fare, and still reeling from the loss of my beloved Asia de Cuba, this has been very high on my list (just ask my husband how many times I've asked to go across town to go).

The gluten free foodie gods smiled down upon me last week, when I suggested it for a work lunch with my boss and a colleague. It was the chosen one. Complete win for me. 

Aside from being a nicely designed spot, their gluten free menu is quite diverse and I was able to immediately pick our a few dished I wanted to try. After changing my mind several times, I selected the edamame and pork arepas (pictured above). 

The edamame was good. I hadn't had it in ages so it completely hit the spot and had the perfect amount of sea salt. The arepas which absolutely fantastic. The corn-based arepa base was flavorful, cripsy and just all over nice. The pork was amazing - and this is coming from someone who neutral feelings towards pork. Put all together with the toppings, I was very happy. If I was going for dinner I probably would have opted for a large and small plate, however the two small plates made a lovely portion for lunch. 

Do you have any favorite spots in Midtown East / around Grand Central? 

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