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Monday, February 4, 2013

How The Gluten Bigot Travels

Whenever I travel, people always ask how I cope with food challenges, especially when I visit a city which is not so GF friendly. I have posted about it a few times, but thought you might like to see what I actually bring along, so I took a photo of what I brought with me on my last trip to Indianapolis (where I was in meetings so couldn't always go out to get food and was not able to have GF menus provided as it was buffet style). 
The basics to get me through 4 full days
I brought along the bare minimal to get me through five days if needed - assuming dinner would be edible and I could have fruit for breakfast a few days. It made packing my rollerbag a bit challenging as I don't check bags when travelling for that short of time, and definitely added weight, but it was worth the effort as I did consume everything I brought save one bag of granola. Also, I brought vitamins (not pictured) to ensure that if I was not getting the nutrients I need from actual food that I had a bit of a failsafe.

What do you pack along when you travel?

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