The Gluten Bigot: Gluten Free Bumpdate | Week 35

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gluten Free Bumpdate | Week 35

How far along? 35 week / 36 when this posts!
Total weight gain: I did not weigh myself this week.
Maternity clothes? Still a yes!
Stretch marks? Still a no!
Sleep: The worst yet. One night I was up until at least 3:30am doing the good old toss-n-turn, then slept in 15 minute intervals until 6:00am. The 15-20 minute intervals are killing me. And the next person to say 'Just wait until the baby comes' might have their head torn off. Babies may sleep intermittently - but they generally do so in longer than 15 minute intervals. Once I'm healed post delivery I also won't be on constant pain while trying to sleep on one side (or just saying eff it and rolling over to have my shoulder out of place for the next few days to at least relieve the agony of sleeping on my left side). Give me 60 minutes of good, actual, consecutive sleep and I would feel like a million dollars right now.
Best moment this week: A few! First, we got to see Bricklet (via ultrasound), including his face! In the ultrasound preview he looks adorable of course. Second, my husband and I took a PTO day on Friday as my company does not give MLK Day as a holiday. I really want to enjoy the last few weeks of it being the two of us. It was nice to relax a bit, have lunch and do baby prep stuff. That led to the third highlight - we finally selected and purchased his stroller! Because I think it might be of interest I am going to do a post tomorrow on what we considered, our process to decide, and the needs we found living in the city (which I seemed to be able to find little advise online). 
Miss anything? As always, sleep.
Movement: Still a lot, still sometimes really uncomfortable.
Food cravings: There are still things I'd rather not have more than things I would like. I am still really liking my natural mango popsicles, and just mango in general. But mango is awesome.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Acid reflux is certainly still a thing, and lack of sleep has made me feel really unwell at times.
Gender: Boy!
Labor signs: This could be in my head, but I really think he is lower than he used to be. Also I think I've been having Braxton Hicks (well, feeling Braxton Hicks) - particularly after overexerting myself at work or cleaning my apartment :S
Symptoms: Acid reflux, insomnia, back aches, itchy belly (still growing!), definite swelling so I'm upping water intake and reducing salt, and I would say nesting is kicked in as I'm really focused on things being ready (his laundry done and sorted, things organized, etc).
Belly button in or out? Still in but so weird looking haha!
Wedding rings on or off? On mostly, though I'm not wearing it when I'm at home and typically only wearing the band. In the morning and evening my hands have been swollen so getting it on and off is getting harder, and I don't want it to get stuck!
Happy or moody most of the time: Moodier this week sadly - I'm so frustrated with not sleeping and being tired all of the time. My life coping skills are definitely at an all time low. 
What are you looking forward to? Meeting Bricklet and not being pregnant anymore! We are less than a month away from meeting him - and he's measuring big so hopefully we will get to meet him even sooner! There are no words for how excited I am for new baby cuddles and for my husband to be able to have some 1:1 time with him since I've been hogging him for the past several months :)

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