The Gluten Bigot: No, Seriously, I *Heart* Risoterria

Thursday, January 23, 2014

No, Seriously, I *Heart* Risoterria

My professing my love for Risoterria, an excellent super gluten free and allergen friend restaurant in the West Village. I did so here and here. But I am forced to do so once again. Two reasons:

  1. Even though I can't enjoy they have expanded their gluten free beer menu. Like by a lot. This actually happened a few months ago and I kept meaning to write about it. Many of the labels I've never had so can't speak to how good they are - but my favorites are basically all there.
  2. Gluten Free Tiramisu. It was literally heaven. My only regret was sharing it with my husband. I've had dessert there previously and have been underwhelmed, so i usually go for macarons or frozen yogurt instead... but this tiramisu is awesome and I will certainly be having it again! Just look at it (pictured above). Isn't it beautiful!?
Have you been to Risoterria? What your favorite thing on the menu there?

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