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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Happy Place - Eleven Madison Park

I love a hole in the wall. Show my a divey diner were I can get gluten free food and I am happy as a clam. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the finer options. By far my favorite restaurant is in the latter category - Eleven Madison Park. A unique experience, there is no menu. There is just a fifteen course tasting menu. They consult with you about any dietary restrictions or dislikes, then bring you amazing food for the next few hours. It is no cheap, but completely worth the splurge if your budget can accommodate!

I let them know my GF requirements ahead of time, then there the no seafood or fish, and oh yes I hate mushrooms and broccoli. Then food started coming.

We actually asked for them to slow down service, being pregnant my stomach really can't handle large amounts of food. They happily slowed it and even checked in to ensure the pacing was right after making the adjustment. We ended up being there for 4.5 hours. Photos of my food extravaganza are below - remember everything is completely gluten free.
First course: Cheddar - Savory Black & White Cookie with Apple. And my mocktail :)
Second Course: Grape - Gelee with Olive and Fennel
Third Course: Beet - Pickled with Yogurt and Nasturtium
Fourth Course
Fifth Course: Squash - Salad with Teff and Cucumber Smoked with 
Shallot Crumble and Pickles 
Sixth Course: Foie Gras - Seared with Oats, Sage, and Apple
Seventh Course: Carrot - Tartare with Condiments
(this is one of my favorite courses of the meal)
Eighth Course: Chicken - Poached with Brussel Sprouts and Guanciale
Ninth Course: Cauliflower - Cous cous with Almonds, Kale and Lemon
Tenth Course: Duck - Roasted with Turnip and Huckleberries
Tenth Course: Duck - Grilled Sausage with Pearl Onion
Eleventh Course: Greensward - Baguette (gluten free of course), Mustard and
Champagne grapes served with cider (non-alcoholic for me)
Twelfth Course: Chocolate - egg cream with seltzer 
Thirteen Course (with candle for my husband's birthday!):
Mint - Sorbet with Fernet Branca and Chocolate Ganache
Thirteen Course: Mint - Sorbet with Fernet Branca and Chocolate Ganache
Fourteen Course: Sweet Potato - Cheesecake with Honey and Chestnut
Fifteenth Course: Pretzel - chocolate covered with sea salt
Last course was Cinnamon Sweet Black and White Cookie (not pictured).

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