The Gluten Bigot: S*MAC - Because Celiacs Still Love Mac and Cheese

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

S*MAC - Because Celiacs Still Love Mac and Cheese

I completely do not know how this place has never been featured on my blog. Mentioned yes. Adored by in in general yes. But not featured. 

Back when the mac and cheese in restaurants trend started, I was always super jealous I never got to partake. That was, until I moved to New York and then there was S*Mac! Every option can be made gluten free or you can build your own.

I personally always go Masala most times (pictured above). I can attest to the 4 Cheese, Buffalo Chicken and Cheeseburger all being fantastic. They give you the option of having breadcrumbs on top - they are GF and worth the additional calories. Go for the Nosh size, this is hearty food. The major is just what it describes and it way too much more most appetites I've seen (unless you want leftovers, then do it!).

Health food this is not, but delicious comfort food it is!

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