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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gluten Free Scotland - The Highlands

Welcome to Part II of my posts about Scotland. Yesterday I wrote about Gluten Free Edinburgh, although we were there a short time I got to eat a lot of good food! We were excited though to escape the city and relax in the country. We spent two nights in the Boat of Garten at The Boat Hotel. Due to the size of the village (we identified one other restaurant) we knew we would have a few meals at the hotel. Luckily breakfast was included with our room!

I had emailed ahead to alert them of my allergy. Our first meal there was dinner upon our arrival. The server was really helpful and checked with the chef to discuss my options and they were able to provide me several options easily. This is a feat when gluten, seafood and shellfish are not options. I decided to have a chicken curry for dinner. While it was not spicy, I did enjoy it. We also got to enjoy the creme brulee for dessert.

We were up bright and early the next day to embark on whiskey tastings and see Loch Ness (we keep busy when travelling). The hotel breakfast is a choice of three options. While I could have had a fry minus the haggis and sausage, I opted out as I dislike beans and eggs and just had rashers. To my delight they brought me gluten free bread, and I got to have the delicious jams and honey in the tiny jars which always excite me so much.

After a morning of whiskey distillery tours and samplings, lunch was on our minds. Sadly, most of Dufftown, the village in which we visited the last distillery, was closed, and many villages we drove through after. I ended up falling asleep while my husband drove and was awoken when he suddenly pulled into a parking lot. It was a chipper, the Bervie Chipper in Inverbervie. Baked potatos were an obvious option. I probably took a cross contamination risk (in fact I didn't even ask if they had separate fryers for this fish and this chips) and had chicken curry fries. They were seriously good. Curry fries are one of the things I miss most about living in Ireland so I was very happy to eat them. And I did not get glutened so win!
After lunch we stopped in Inverness very briefly and I wished I had gotten to spend time there. We almost went back for dinner, but ended up stay in Drumnadrochit after seeing Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle (photo at top) and grabbed food at the Loch Ness Inn. My husband had starred it on his google map after finding it online and I wanted ribs. So we had ribs and fries. The ribs were so so. The fries were good. The service was meh. I was content enough and would recommend it though.

Dessert that night seemed to be whiskey. Back at the bar in our hotel my husband enjoyed a half a glass at 25 y.o. whiskey, which they did not charge us for as he ordered a full glass but they only had enough for half. I drank strange but delicious ones. The service at the Boat Hotel was fantastic.

Breakfast the next morning was the only the same as the day prior. I was excited to get one more helping of rashers in prior to our drive back to Edinburgh for our flight to Venice. Tip: Edinburgh Airport has at least one gluten free option: Eat. They have a few soup options, fruit cups, drinks, and energy bars. 
Scotland was an amazing place to visit and I really hope to go back one day. 

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