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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gluten Free Scotland - Edinburgh

The first stop on my trip was Scotland. To be more specific, we flew in Edinburgh and stayed there for about a day and a half. While the a main purpose of my visit of Edinburgh was to visit Primark, I was really excited to explore Edinburgh as I had never visited Scotland before and I have family origins there. 

In Edinburgh I had absolutely no difficulty eating. When we arrived off a red eye and were hungry and cold (it was snowing!). We ended up in place classes Castle Cafe Bar which was apparently newly opened as they had a sign saying they had omelettes. The owner was really friendly and welcoming, my omelette was delicious, and I had a lovely hot chocolate. They are tucked away off Cowsgate close to Edinburgh Castle.

Me and my Green's Pilsner at Mamma's
American Pizza.
For dinner we attempted to Vittoria on Bridge but would have had to wait 2 hours for a table (so tip: book a table a head!). Instead we went to Mamma's American Pizza. I felt a bit like a knacker to travel to Scotland to eat pizza, however this melted away when I spotted both cheese fries and chicken wings on the menu. The food was fantastic and it was low key which was nice as we had just arrived, and we were able to go and enjoy some whiskey at Sandy Bell's after. For the interest of readability scroll down for food porn (photos).

After dinner and drinks we did stop into Tesco to pick up some food items for me. I bought gluten free oat cakes (so excited to have those!), as well as some cherry tarts. The tarts were little sugar bombs, but delicious mouth watering worth the time in the gym sugar bombs. My only regret is not buying another box before leaving.

In Edinburgh we stayed at the Carlton Hotel which was really nice and very conveniently located. Unfortunately the hotel was evacuated in the middle of the night as the fire alarms went off. Because of the hassle they gave us a complimentary breakfast. I was very happy to have rashers and fruit. 

We grabbed lunch at a pub. It was a Sunday, so many things were closed. We ended up in Dirty Dick's where we had fries and nachos. A huge cross contamination risk I'm sure, but I was fine afterwards.
That night we drove to Boat of Garten. If you are interested in reading about my eating adventures in Northern Scotland, drop by tomorrow!
Gluten free pizza at Mamma's American Pizza
Gluten free chicken wings at Mamma's American Pizza
Gluten Free cheese fries from Mamma's American Grill
If you live in Europe or are visiting, you must have these.
Honestly, happiness in tart form.

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