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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gluten Free Paris - Pastries!

Welcome to Part Deux of my Gluten Free Paris posts! If you didnt read it already, yesterday I wrote about gluten free dining in Paris. Today I wanted to write about my favorite part - the pastries!

The obvious thing to have in Paris when it comes to sweet are creme brulee, meringues and creme brulee. Luckily these things all have no gluten ingredients so they are easy to find gluten free! 

I had macarons from two different places. The first place I went was Laduree (pictured above). The macaron flavors were to die for and the macarons themselves were heaven. My favorites were the salted caramel and the Marie Antionette. Just because they were so amazing, I will post some more photos below. Laduree shoppes can be found throughout Paris - and there is also a location in Manhattan :)

I also had a macaron at Pierre Herme, which is close to the flagship Chanel store on Rue Cambon. To switch it up here we had the giant macarons. I had a chocolate one which was completely to die for, however it was a lot of macaron for one person - and this is coming from a person with a wicked sweet tooth. Nonetheless divine though and I high recommend them. 

I enjoyed creme brulee multiple times, often deliberately choosing restaurants which offered it. However, I did not actually have a meringue in Paris (probably because I had already enjoyed them in VeniceI also missed out on going to Helmut Newcake, which is a gluten free bakery that has gluten free eclairs due to their open hours vs. the days I was there. I will have to go back. 

However, I did not miss out on buying some gluten free treats to bring home/eat along the way! I went into a Monoprix across from my hotel and stocked up on cakes, baguettes, etc. Everything I have had so far has been great. All items were from one brand, Gerble. I certainly recommend picking up a few of these if you are in Paris!

I am really excited to make french onion soup with the baguettes!

Do you have any favorite Parisian treats or spots I missed out on?

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