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Friday, April 26, 2013

Gluten Free Venice - Dining

Venice was everything I hoped for in Italy. Everyone knew celiac/gluten free was. Although I would not describe eating out as the simplest thing still, navigating Venice gluten free was also not incredible challenging.

Breakfast each morning was enjoyed at my hotel, the Palazzo Paruta. They offered gluten free madeleines each day, as well as crackers, cookies and rice cakes. I did email ahead to let them know about my requirements, and I know they went out of their way as on the last day they had actually run out and it was clear one of the staff members ran out to get me gluten free food - it was very appreciated. The hotel was lovely and I highly recommend it for the service, location and accommodation for gluten free travelers.

Lunch my first day was at Osteria Antico Dolo. I had spaghetti which was quite nice, although the service was a bit slow (note: this is coming from a New Yorker). As we were leaving we noticed a photo of of a celeb who had eaten there previously - Hugh Hefner.  Also in the photo was Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson for anyone else who enjoyed the program The Girls Next Door (guess I just came out of the closet on that one). 

Next we went to Ostaria All'Ombra, which we actually went to twice. I was quite excited to have pizza, but on my first visit also saw tortellini and could not decide which to get, so I talked my husband into sharing both. The gluten free beer was good, the pizza was one of the best I've had, and the tortellini was quite nice as well. Most excitingly they had gluten free tiramisu. It was decent tiramisu, unfortunately the one I was served was still a bit frozen. But nonetheless, this place was great and the location is very central for touring around Venice. For food pictures, scroll down.

That bring me to my next stop, another place we actually went to twice, Risto Bar. I found this by accident one day, and was referred a couple days later by the owner of Mea Libera Tutti. The service here was great and as was the food. I enjoyed both a torte and a lasanga here (more photos below). A must have here is the profiteroles - they were absolutely to die for. I was so glad I had them, and slightly disappointed I was sharing with my husband. 

We enjoyed one meal at a restaurant close to our hotel as it was raining one evening during our visit. We went to Trattoria da Fiore and were told that they could accommodate gluten free although they did not have a menu. They did easily (including no fish), and I had was able to enjoy steak with delicious vegetables and panna cotta with fruit afterwards. Completely divine. Service was excellent here, and it was a lovely spot for dinner. Despite the presence of a gluten free menu, this is certainly a spot to bookmark.

Last in terms of meals, we decided to have a nice dinner for our last night, so we went to one of the places referred in Mea Libera Tutti, La Vecia Cavana. Here  enjoyed gluten free bread (*squeal*), gf breadsticks, prosciutto and mozarella, tortellini (I really love tortellini), and some nice treats they provided with the bill. Service was impeccable and the food was amazing - and a place that you simply must visit for the vast gluten free menu and proper Venetian food offerings.

In relation for gluten free treats two places to highlight in Venice: For Gelato, Grom. Amazing gelato and gluten free (except for flavors noted on a sign which is in clear display). Also, you will find meringues which have no gluten ingredients. Bakery shops will warn you they are not made on dedicated gluten free machinery, however I admittedly changed it to enjoy these and was fine - if you are a risk taker these are a must eat in Venice! 

Have you visited Venice? Where did you eat?

Osteria All'Ombra pizza
Osteria All'Ombra tortellini
Osteria All'Ombra tiramisu
Risto Bar Spinach Torte (so yummy!)
Risto Bar gluten free menu
La Vecia Cavana bread & bellinis
La Vecia Cavana prosciutto and mozzarella
Risto Bar lasagna
Risto Bar profiteroles
Trattoria de Fiore steak and vegetables (amazing)
Trattoria de Fiore panna cotta

Some cookies I bought in the Supermarket

My hubby and I at Risto Bar


  1. Thank you for reporting on this!! I would like to visit Italy someday and I'm delighted to see how many gluten free pasta options there are. Tortellini!? Lasagna?! WOW.

  2. This is an absolutely excellent review of Venice! Thank you!

  3. I'm getting ready for my trip. Thanks for the suggestions.

  4. Thanks so much for the tips! I'm taking my first trip to Italy next month and can't wait to explore Venice. This was a very helpful post.

  5. Thanks so much for the Gluten free information on food. I'm going to Venice in July and thought l might be struggling to find GF food.

  6. Thank you so much for your information on Venice it successfully allowed me to figure out where and what I would be able to eat on my trip there last month. It also helped me worry less about not being able to eat in the land of pizza and pasta. I have included a link to this page on my blog review of Venice as well at

  7. Grazie tanto for this lovely report. I need to report that sadly, Osteria Dall'Ombre was recently replaced by a take out Chinese place. Luckily, Ristorante Malibran was quite nearby and offered a decent gf pizza, since my expectations were set.


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