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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update | Breaking Paleo

A couple weeks ago I wrote about kicking off Paleo February. I've gotten to discover some new recipes (yay!) and learn a least a little bit about the Paleo diet. I love that it has led me to organic grass fed meat (so much better for you and the environment). I also received a compliment on my skin, I've lost a couple of pounds and at one point thought I was getting a cold but successfully fended it off without actually getting sick, so I think it has had an actual impact on my overall well being and health.

However, I track everything I eat using My Fitness Pal (amazing app - totally recommend), and in the couple of weeks I've gone paleo my carb intake has been really low - and I've felt it. My energy just isn't what it needs to be / typically is. To state the obvious, I could increase my vegetable intake to inflate this, but I know I will end up increasing my fruit intake (and sugar) instead. If I didn't miss potatoes so much I really would make more of an effort of maintaining a strict paleo diet, but I don't think that it is the best fit for me. I will still play with paleo recipes and make paleo meals (I still have a few posts about what I made so stay tuned for those).

That said, I do think that this is a really healthful way of eating, and it does not exclude all cheese and chocolate which are massive wins in my books. There are so many option with paleo, and I do agree with the science behind it. I've met people who absolutely love being paleo as it makes them feel amazing which was really my driver to try it out. 

Anytime you're making decisions regarding the parameters of what you will and won't eat be it gluten, meat, dairy, sugar, etc I think the best thing to do is find what works for you. If you force a 'diet' and you don't enjoy it, you'll never stick to it and it won't make you happy.

I think my next step will really to be making clean eating more of a regular thing - I felt really good during my Janurary detox and immediately noticed a difference I ate bad fats and sugar again. I also think going dairy free will need to be a permanent decision for me as I've noticed that to be the biggest differentiator. I'm trying to decide if I should do vegan March (very on the fence at this point) and what my more permanent solution to healthy and clean eating will be. One thing I know for sure is I don't want to fall back into ordering takeaways all the time.

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