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Monday, January 21, 2013

Gluten Free Travel | Bringing Food Along

I'm on the road again this week, this time for the duration of the work week for a company even. Although I did indicate I require gluten free food I never count of food being available, especially since if it is buffet style you can't count on anything being gluten free. So I am being a good gluten bigot and bringing some food with me when I go. I have posted before about bringing food, but I thought it would be fun to post what I actually brought. 

Energy bars are a staple wherever I go. You can typically find one in my purse as a 'just in case.' This time I am also bringing some peanut butter and crackers for an easy lunch. My homemade corn muffins are also handy as they are quick and easy to grab. When I arrive I will probably try to go to the grocery store to grab some fruit and veggies to keep in the fridge in my room, and hopefully they will have loads out for me to grab throughout the day!

What food do you like to bring when you travel?

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