The Gluten Bigot: Lazy Sunday Post | Detox Update/Conclusion

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lazy Sunday Post | Detox Update/Conclusion

If you have been following me on Tumblr, you'll know that I decided to start off the first quarter of the year with a few diet challenges. The first was a 19 day detox. If you would like to read about my diet based cleanse, feel free to do so in my tumblr post.

Today is the last day of my detox, so I wanted to update you on how it went. As I mentioned in my original post, the first few days were rough, however, after that I have felt great. I've had loads of energy even without coffee and my stomach has not had any other troubles. I closely monitored my nutrition during this detox and it was better than in general - I suppose that is a by product of eating so clean. 

I dropped a few pounds during it. I don't know if it was real weight, water weight, or toxic weight from my terrible habits in December. It's a nice by product, but just feeling better in general was the big win. It is also going to lead me to explore if I am lactose intolerant as I seem to feel much better without dairy in my diet whenever I remove it.

Would I recommend it? If it's right for you, I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it. It's not extreme like a juice fast or lemon-cayenne-water diet. I find I find its good for helping clean up your eating habits. I definitely suggest spending two weeks on it if you try it so you can really notice a difference, as well I found that my cravings for sweets and processed food really diminished after the first 10 days. 

Have you tried a detox diet? Do you have one you would recommend?

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