The Gluten Bigot: The Meatball Shop

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Meatball Shop

For some reason I have lived here for ages and not been to the meatball shop. I'm a fan of meat. I'm a fan of comfort food sides like mashed potatoes and polenta. And they have highchairs... so win!

The GF meatball option was chicken - not typically a fan of chicken meatballs, but with no options they were the defacto. I went to the pesto sauce since that sounded like a good lunch. On the side I made my husband get the mashed potatoes to share with Bricklet (and me), and I got polenta (to share with Bricklet). And an adult drink. They were allergy aware and noted my allergy to ensure gloves were changed during prep (win). 

The meatballs were insanely good. Again noting I'm not a fan of chicken meatballs typically. The pesto sauce though is where this place wins. It was seriously amazing. I am craving it now just thinking of it. Potatoes were very good, polenta was also very nice. Service was decent, and Warren enjoyed some sliders and we enjoyed out lunch outside. 

Definitely adding into the weekend lunch rotation.

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