The Gluten Bigot: Damn You Dominique Ansel and your GF Options

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Damn You Dominique Ansel and your GF Options

For nearly two years I worked basically across the street from Dominique Ansel, home of the infamous cronut. Being a gluten bigot I never thought they would have anything for me, but they would come up on my GF searches. 

Since last week was my last week at work, it was the best time to investigate. I downloaded the menu and lo-and-behold 3 GF cake options and one cookie option. I will clearly state that this is obviously not a GF facility, so approach this as no GF ingredients and high risk of cross contamination and make your own decision. You will also be among a throng of tourists who think they can order 4 cronuts at 5:15pm.

My decision was to try it. Because of science, I got all three cakes: (from left) the strawberry pistacho pavlova, the giant blackberry, and the mini-me. The were all so fancy I felt a bit bad about eating them, but were so divine that that guilt evaporated into joy. 

The Giant Blackberry was where my husband and I started (did I mention I was at least sharing them?) - it was a great start. The mousse was heavenly, and the jam was some of the best I've had. And it was the most beautiful pastry to look at. Next we had the strawberry pavolva - this was actually my favorite. The flavor combonation wasn't standard, and they worked really nicely together. I thought it had the perfect amount of sweetness. Lastly we had the mini-me. While it was really good, it was extremely sweet. Maybe if I hadn't eaten the other two prior that would have been okay, but it was over the top for me. I would have it again, but certainly it's a share item and would go well with an unsweetened latte or cappuccino.

Will be making special trips there for sweets (or using Postmates) when treats are merited! 

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