The Gluten Bigot: Series | Traveling with a Baby - 6-12 Months Old

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Series | Traveling with a Baby - 6-12 Months Old

Honestly, I think 6 to 9 months was one of the funnest ages yet to travel with Bricklet. He was aware and wanted to explore what was going on. Being at our destination was easier because he was down to two naps (for the most part).

At 7 months old we went on a three week trip. Our first stop was San Francisco (again) before going to Sydney for two weeks. My husband and I needed to go to both for work, and had the genius idea to line up the trips and all go together so neither of us had to be away from Warren, he turned eight months old while we were in Sydney. Then we went to Puerto Rico for holiday and he turned 9 months old there. We then had a lull in travel and he didn't fly until just after his first birthday.

What to bring
  • Everything from before still stands. 
  • Interactive toys and apps are going to occupy baby the longest on the flight
  • They should definitely have solids now, so make sure and have more than enough for the flight and delays.
At the airport
  • You probably have a walker or crawler now. Make sure they have a chance to move before the flight!
  • Baby carrier is still awesome
In flight
  • If you are on a longhaul, you can request a bassinet. Baby may be outgrowing it now - there is a height and weight restriction.
  • If you're flying with your significant other or a helper, take shifts. Having dedicated baby / rest time will keep your battery charged.
  • Napping may or may not happen on flight. Hopefully you were able to keep that in mind when you booked.
  • Walk the aisle, especially if baby is walking with assistance.
At the hotel
This is be the same as when baby was 3-6 months. At this age, find out if there are parks around to visit. The pool is also super fun at this age! If any furniture could be hazardous to a walker, you can move it or ask for it to be taken out.

At your destination
Mix activities you want to do with baby friendly activities. Napping on the go becomes more problematic at this age for most babies. Balance skipped or bad naps from napping on the go, with naps in the hotel room so that baby can be well rested (and happy when you are out and about). At this age, we added in a few things just for Bricklet, but for the most part the things we did interested him (light hiking, the zoo in Australia was just us much for us as it was for him, etc). 

If you are traveling to a different timezone, consider if you want to adjust, or how much you want to adjust. For example when we were in San Francisco, we ended up completely adjusting within 2 days, and again in Australia. But in PR there was an hour difference so we left his schedule almost as is.

What was your favorite trip you took with your baby?

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