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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Upper West Side Restaurant Round Up | GF & Family Friendly

Last year in need of more space and wanting to try out a different neightborhood, we made the move to the Upper West Side. Of course, having a little one our restaurant adventures are quite different now. I thought I write up our go-to places in case you're in the area and are looking for somewhere that will not scorn you for having children. I will note we don't order off of kids' menus, I will note where I know they have one though!

Nice Matin (79th & Amsterdam) - a long time favorite of ours. They have high chairs, bunch time there are lots of families. It's a nice brunch to bring the little one to. 
Parent Bonus: Has highchairs, coloring kits

Cafe 82 (82nd & Broadway) - not just for hangovers! Also great for family diner breakfast or lunch. I still love their waffles, but have gone for pastrami sandwiches the last few times. Honestly, the pastrami isn't the best, but they do have very good fries.
Parent Bonus: Has highchairs, very friendly staff

Rosa Mexicano (62nd & Colombus) - I just realized I haven't posted on this place before. It's a chain which usually discourages me, their food is very good. It's high end mexican. Their pom margaritas are awesome, and their guacamole is the best. A couple months ago we discovered Bricklet loves re-friend beans, so win. This was actually the first proper restaurant we brought him to. 
Parent Bonus: Has highchairs, has kids menu, gave us a plastic cup (which beats bringing my own so the baby can have water)

Crepes & Delices (72nd between Broadway and Amsterdam) - another place I haven't posted about, this one is newer. We nipped in one day that I was hungry and shared a salted caramel crepe (my husband and I, we didn't share that with the baby). We go here every few weeks now. Bricklet LOVES crepes, and so do we! I will note this is not a sit down restaurant (as most crepe places are not)
Parent Bonus: Custom order the crepe to kid or baby's liking, you can do takeaway

What are your favorite gluten free family dining options on the UWS?

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