The Gluten Bigot: Were you Always Gluten Intolerant/Celiac?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Were you Always Gluten Intolerant/Celiac?

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I am sure this a is a question that has been asked many a time to the celiacs and gluten intolerants/sensitives. "How long have you been celiac?" or "How you always been gluten intolerant?"

It always bothers me. I know no one means harm by it. And no one knows especially for the celiacs out there that you've had it your entire life but probably didn't find for a long time. 

Retrospect is always 20/20. I was talking with my mom when I visited home a few weeks ago, and now it's pretty easy to see my immune system sucked - probably because it was constantly compromised. And years of doctors and specialists didn't notice that.

So my answer is always this - my whole life, I just didn't know about it until __ years ago. I could just say __ years ago. But why not take the time to educate others about this disease? 

Just like the ecard (I heart someecards!) above, I didn't pick it, it picked me - and it probably did before I was born.

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