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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Product Review - Foods by George

I feel like it has been forever since I did a product review! I have been buying loads of things and am all excited about blogging about them, however other posts have taken my attention for some reason. So anyway, finally I am getting back to them!

Last weekend I was shopping in G*Free NYC and was delighted to see a few new products since my last visit a few months ago. Once of those products was Foods By George DF/GF pizza. It was individual sized, which made it really convenient to make for myself for lunch, and it is dairy free which most things aren't and I am trying to avoid dairy. 


I had it for lunch the other day. I was remarkably excited for it. As soon as it was done I eagerly dove it. The verdict? It was really good. The crust was a fantastic texture, even though I probably needed to cook mine a little bit more.  The pizza comes on cardboard (as most do), but mine wasn't centered on said cardboard so I think that contributed to it not cooking as nicely as it could have. It was a good size for one person. The tomato sauce was good. However, I think my next purchase of it will be the dairy version. The cheese is Daiya, which I typically like, it just didn't act like I expected - but that just may be me being odd. Also I usually go a bit light on the Daiya on pizza as the texture it doesn't act like normal cheese so I found myself picking it off.

But all around, I think it's a great product. It was $3.75 if memory is serving me correctly, so while not cheap, it's certainly more reasonable than eating out for lunch.

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