The Gluten Bigot: Summery Refreshments - Make Water Less Boring

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summery Refreshments - Make Water Less Boring

The weather is finally getting nice here in Manhattan! And while I couldn't be happier to have Spring arrive, my air conditioner is still spitting out heat, leaving me feeling a bit too warm and a bit dehydrated. While I'm generally good at drinking water, I do get a bit bored of it.

While cruising facebook one of my friends shared a post of how to make water more interesting (and add some vitamins naturally)! And there are a couple of options.

First, and pictured top, simply put selected fruit into a glass an pour in water. In this one I have used frozen strawberries, a lemon wedge and tonic water. I opted to enjoy from a wine glass as it felt a bit fancier.

The other option is to infuse (so to speak) your water. I bought my husband a jar to infuse alcohol from Crate and Barrel, and since he was not using it yet I thought i would. Once again with my lemon and strawberry I slices them and plopped them in. It was nice right away, but even better the next day when the strawberry and lemon taste was really strong. 

And of course water and fruit are gluten free (no labelling required). The post I saw also had ingredients like mint leaves, rosemary and sage which I thought would be amazing as well with different fruits. I want to do blueberry peach next, or maybe pineapple watermelon. Strawberry kiwi. Sigh... so many options!

Have you 'infused' water? What's your favorite concoction?

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