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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gluten Free Hangover Food - Shake Shack

I seem to be on a burger kick lately... luckily said kick brought me to Shake Shack (finally). I've been wanting to try it for ages, however I am often put off by the queue. The beautiful weather last weekend finally brought me there for a burger and fries.

Sadly they do not have gluten free buns, but they do have the lettuce option, which is how mine was served. When ordering without the bun they automatically asked if I was gluten free and I said yes and they kept my food all safe. Even without the bun, my cheeseburger was amazing.

I also really loved their fried (yay gluten free). I was even really bad as they had mayo out - I heart mayo and chips! For my shake I had the caramel and it was really nice. 

I will certainly go again, hopefully when the queue is lesser (the one on the Upper West Side usually isn't too crazy).

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  1. Unfortunately, my girlfriend and I can't eat the fries there because they process the oil from other fried foods with the oil used for their fries, and we both are sensitive to gluten in the oil.


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