The Gluten Bigot: Found: Gluten Free Pita Chips!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Found: Gluten Free Pita Chips!

Whenever I see a bag of pita chips, or a person eating pita chips, I must admit that I get slightly jealous. Back in my gluten eating life, pita chips were one of my favorite things. A couple weeks ago I was wandering my local grocery store and I spotted Wellaby's gluten free pita chips. Unfortunately they only had the cinnamon and sugar flavor, however on a subsequent trip my husband found the olive oil and sea salt flavor.

And into the basket they went.

I was really excited to try them, so I made some bean dip to enjoy them with. Although they weren't like how I remember them and were more like crackers, they were really nice. They also got the hubby stamp of approval (as well as the bean dip). One thing to note was I found the level of saltiness to be about perfect. 

These are probably going to end up in my pantry often enough. 


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