The Gluten Bigot: Battle of the Breads - Glutino

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Battle of the Breads - Glutino

Cucumber cream cheese sandwich on white genius bread.
FIrst up in our brand spotlights is Glutino. This was one of the first brands that I tried which I did not completely despise. Also back then, it was Canadian owned (and as a Canadian I like supporting companies based on my home country). They two versions of bread, normal and 'genius' which they claim does not require toasting. For the battle of the breads I picked up a loaf of their genius bread, which I had actually not had before.

Glutino products taste okay. They are not the greated, but they are certainly not bad. I do like the cinnamon raisin bread the best and find this to be from a purely taste perspective one of the best.

Moderate. Glutino bread is somewhat dense but still a bit springy to the touch. This works well with aforementioned cinnamon raisin bread. The genius bread is really dry.

Not durable. After thawing on the counter, I spread cream cheese on one piece which basically starting falling apart, and this was not firm cream cheese I was using. While in the past I have had it fall apart while enjoying, the product has improved over the years and I find it to be much better these days. One slice started breaking in half for no reason. 

Normal vs. Toasted
I do not find Glutino to be a brand I will eat untoasted. Toasted is certainly the way to go in this one - and they seem to know it. Below is a screen shot from a product description on their website. I do not fault them for this as it seems to be a generally accepted fact that most gluten free bread requires toasting.

Glutino is found exclusively in the freezer section. They have a few different options for their bread which is nice. 

Have you tried Glutino? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments!

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