The Gluten Bigot: Battle of the Gluten Free Breads

Monday, April 1, 2013

Battle of the Gluten Free Breads

The gluten free bread section at Westerly Natural Market in Hell's Kitchen
Remembering back to when I first starting eating gluten free about 6 years ago, bread was a product that was really important to me. I'm a carb-loving -sandwich-eating kind of girl. The fact that gluten free bread was terrible was one of the things (along with no understanding of what gluten was actually doing to my body) that kept me eating gluten a while longer. Luckily now there are actual options. 

Since this is a topic that is widely debated, and is important to anyone starting out on a gluten free diet, I thought I would post a few reviews on the brands which are available throughout the country at major chains and are also available in Canada. 

The contenders.
I will be rating/reviewing on the following criteria:
  • Taste. Just because I'm a gluten bigot doesn't mean I like bad food.
  • Texture.
  • Durability. Because it sucks when your sandwich betrays you by falling apart whilst trying to enjoy it.
  • Normal vs. Toasted. Is it edible if not toasted?
  • Other. Any other thing I think it notable about the product.
I will review for the next four days (Tuesday through Friday). Saturday I will post about which I like best based on the criteria noted above. And on Sunday I will list some honorable mentions which are New York based companies that I am not sure if they sell elsewhere/how easy they are to find out side the tri-state area. If I am writing about a brand you have tried, I would love to read your opinions in the comments!

Is there any other things I should note? Do you have any favorites I should try? Or any brands which you suggest everyone stay away from?

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