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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gluten Free Travel - Tips & Going Rogue

Travel is a big motivation for me in life. Since going on my first big trip and moving to Ireland almost seven years ago, I have become obsessed with travel and new experiences. As well, my job sometimes mandates that I do a bit of travel. As another holiday is upon me, I have gone through most of my usual steps. I posted some tips on tumblr a few months ago when I was preparing for a trip to not necessarily celiac-friendly destinations when language would be a barrier. I also posted a few months ago about what I bring with me when I'm travelling to random cities for work. I even posted a rant stemming from some pre-travel research I was doing a  few weeks ago.

But what about when you are travelling to gluten free friendly places? Or where you know you won't have time and/or language constraints and lots of options? My next trip is a holiday in Europe, and I prepare for trips to big cities in North America and Europe a little bit differently, so I thought I would share.
  • Air Travel: All major airlines offer gluten intolerant meals on flights. I always have energy bars and snacks on flights so I can eat when I feel I need to. 
  • Hotels: I rarely stay in designated GF-friendly hotels as I don't eat in the hotel often. However, if there is a breakfast included I will send an email about one week prior asking if they can accommodate my needs.
  • Where will I eat?: Having dietary restrictions has made me compulsive about always having food in my bag, as well as knowing where I can eat. To determine where I can eat, I search blogs, Google Maps and Yelp for where to shop and eat.
  • I've gone rogue this trip - I am not going to bring food other than said energy bars and snacks for the plane. I will buy snacks upon arrival though. 
  • Star on your Google Map where you can go! Then cache your map in your phone so you'll always have it close.
  • Ask the concierge at your hotel for recommendations. They will often have some.
  • If I am travelling to a region that English is not the first language but is widely spoken, I still bring a few restaurant cards and learn the words for celiac and gluten free.
How do you prepare for gluten free travel? 

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