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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gluten Free Hell's Kitchen | Nizza

Nizza is a restaurant I have completely sentimental feelings towards. This happens to be the restaurant I went to with my then-boyfriend the night he proposed (prior to the actual proposal). Then, when I was in New York next, days after being married and the first time I was there after my husband had moved into our apartment, it's where we went for dinner. Now whenever I go, I remember those two events. 

Aside from my sentiment, Nizza has a gluten free menu. And it's good. I go here semi-regularly, however it had been a few of months since I had been so I we headed there for dinner a few nights ago.

Gluten free bread always arrives shortly after ordering. It is served with olive oil and ricotta cheese. The bread is actually quite nice but a bit crumbly. On this trip, we ordered the asparagus with prosciutto to start. Apologies for the dark photo, this is the results of low light, a camera phone and refusing to use a flash. It was a lovely starter, massive fan of asparagus and their was cooked quite nicely. Plus the prosciutto was lovely. 

For my main I had what has become my typical meal (and this time I used my flash) - the La Mia Socca. If you've not had socca before it is a chickpea flatbread. It has a slightly crispy texture and pleasant taste. It can be eaten on its own, or found as it is here behaving like a pizza. The caramelized onions and touch of peppers really bring me back to this dish, though the Ziti Pomodoro is a close second for my favorite. I find the single serving to be quite large, even if I don't have a starter. Typically I just have half and have them pack up the other half for me - it re-heats really nicely in the oven the next day. 

It is located immediately next to Five Napkin, so also a nice option if you are trying for a burger but the queue is larger than the ability for your appetite to wait. Also, I love the patio in the Spring/Summer. 

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