The Gluten Bigot: Gluten Free Long Island City | Burger Garage has GF Hot Dogs!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gluten Free Long Island City | Burger Garage has GF Hot Dogs!

First, let's face it - hot dogs are kinda gross. Made of gawd-know-what parts of animals they are theoretically, and typically in reality, not very good. But that doesn't stop me from getting the odd wicked craving from one when I pass by a hotdog cart on the street - no matter how bad they are, they always smell so good. Hence my excitement when I saw Burger Garage listed on Yelp when I was checking out Long Island City.

I made it out there this past weekend. They have gluten free hamburgers, hotdogs and fries. I went for the hot dog with cheese and added onion with a side of regular fries. My hubby had a hamburger and fries.

When we got our food (it was really quick), I noted the disproportion of  the hot dog to the actual bun. It was mostly bun, so I was a bit put off, but as I started eating I realized the bun size was vital to my generous serving of onions not all falling out. The hot dog was actuall really good. It's the first hot dog bun I've had which edibable and did not disintegrate (you know the type that completely betrays you two bites in). Impressed. The fries were really good - probably the best I've had out in a while. So I was very happy. 

My husband's reported his actual hamburger was okay, but the gluten free bun was a bit too 'gluten free.' I could see it was starting to fall apart as he ate. At least the meat itself was good.

Also worth noting they serve Bard's if you'd like a brewski on the side. Completely worth the trek out to LIC, and if you live in LIC and are gluten free this has got to be a local highlight for you. 

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