The Gluten Bigot: Celebrate St Patrick's Day With GF Beer in Hell's Kitchen

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrate St Patrick's Day With GF Beer in Hell's Kitchen

Saint Patrick's Day is tomorrow! Of course, the most common drink being drunk will be beer. As a gluten intolerant / celiac you aren't going to be able to oblige in a Guinness (one of the only things I truly miss), however there are a range of gluten free beers on the market for you to not have to miss out on the festivities. If you're in Manhattan you are in luck as well as we have pubs that offer gluten free beer! Here are a list of a few places I go that offer gluten free beer in Hell's Kitchen (AKA my neighborhood!):
  • Valhalla: Serves Green's beer, my personal favorite. They have the amber, double and triple on offer. All are good. Pictured above is a triple (left) and double (right). Sure to be busy on Patty's Day as this place is always jammed.
  • House of Brews serves Red Bridge. There are two locations in Hell's Kitchen.
  • Heartland Brewery is a pub style environment and the TS location has a GF menu that includes chicken wings. I haven't been in a while, they used to have a GF beer but I don't see any listed now.
  • 5 Napkin Burger, while a restaurant, has Celia. 
  • While I haven't tried either, Vintner is listed as having Omission Beer. I have been excited to try Omission Beer so you may find me at Vintner today giving it a go - it is actually made from malted barley which is not GF, but they found a way to remove the gluten. 
Hope you have a fun day and enjoy - just try not to over enjoy, no one wants a hangover on a Monday.

How will you be celebrating Patty's Day?

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